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I worked as tax director in MNCs (Oberthur Technologies, which became Idemia and then Nestlé Waters, former water division of the Nestlé Group) for more than 10 years. These experiences have enabled me to develop a global insight in transfer pricing and duty planning, two specialties dealing with cross-border flows which, I believe, are powerful levers for "legitimate tax planning" for corporations. 

As I was still working on the "client side" I could observe, however, how corporations whatever their sizes still have too little focus on customs and international trade and are thus missing significant opportunities to free up  resources invested in their operations. Unlike transfer pricing (TP) which has been very popular over the past 20 years, custom duties are still too often perceived as an "unavoidable cost of doing business". Likewise the right combination of duty planning expertise and TP or costing culture is too rarely seen, although it can often provide most appropriate answers. Moreover, customs is an area of expertise where the know-how is widely fragmented among the various players: finding a consulting firm able to support you effectively all along a project from A to Z (i.e. from feasibility to field level execution) is quite a challenge.
Having this in mind, I started Compliancy with my partner Antoine Sauvageot. We share with our network of senior experts the passion of creating value for our clients, by optimizing the resources invested in their operations. Beyond the technical know-how of customs and international trade management, our experts are all specialized by industry: we know that field-level experience in the relevant industry and a full understanding of the client's operational environment is a "must" for any consulting mission aiming to actually add value. 


Pragmatic, agile and value creation focused, Compliancy aims to open a new era for customs and international trade advisory.

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Education: Master 2 Tax Law Paris Assas, Paris Bar school, CAPA (Bar admission capacity)

2009: Group Tax Manager Oberthur Technologies 

2010: Group Tax Manager, Nestlé Waters

2014: Group Tax and Customs Director, Nestlé Waters

2020: Co-founder, Compliancy


Sectoral expertise:

- food & beverages 

- Identity, security and payment technologies

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